Craniosacral Therapy

Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

Feel heard at the deepest level of your being and support your  body’s  innate  ability  to  balance,  restore  and  heal  itself  with this gentle, profound, listening touch.


Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

Clear your auric field and bring yourself into a more coherent sense of alignment. A relaxing way to purify, rejuvenate and  balance your  energy  system and return home to your radiant self once more.

Emotional Freedom

EFT (Emotional Freedom)

Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

EFT (Emotional Freedom)


If you have fear, anxiety, despair or other overwhelming emotions during these unprecedented times EFT can help you navigate through the overwhelm.

Release old stored energy and emotional response patterns to improve your well-being and find the freedom to shine.

Other therapies available include: 

Chakra Well-Being Consultation, 

Soul Colour Consultation, 

Aroma Touch and Atlantis Crystal healing.

 New sliding scale for on line sessions during these unusual times: £20-£70.


We are all healers, we are all healing and yet we are all whole. We are simply souls returning home. Together we awaken, we remember and we embody. It is my honour to witness for you your journey and to mirror for you your divinity. I love you.


In lak’ech

You are my other self
We are one
I am another yourself

Return to your Soul

' Love is everywhere,  It's painted in eternity,  It's who you really are......

 Listen to your heart,  Remember who you are'

Ajai Alai

A beautiful mantra for being in your true power and developing  your radiant body