Meditation of the Heart

Come home to self

We begin our journey by coming home to ourselves. Using body and breath awareness to quieten our thoughts we  allow ourselves to arrive fully in the present moment and to ground.  As we soften, relax and open we  take the journey out of our minds and into the spiritual heart.

Open the gateway to divine love

Within each one of us is a space where peace and harmony already reside, the space of the spiritual heart. With awareness anchored in the heart we can feel the love of the Divine, the life force energy of Source. It is from this source we can support and nurture ourselves and raise our vibration naturally. When our own cup is full to overflowing  we become a beacon of light radiating out from our open hearts into the world around us.

Rest as radiant consciousness

The more we practice holding awareness in the heart the easier it becomes to simply rest here at will and naturally reside as the radiant space of consciousness. We are consciousness housing a body, not a body housing consciousness and the doorway to experiencing this truth is the spiritual heart. 

With this simple practice we come to regcognise ourselves as part of all that is, as part of the infinite field of love.

Join us

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Heart of the Universe

'there is a space that exists with us and around us.........and love pours forth,  love pours forth, love pours forth from the heart of the universe'