Sacred Sites | Sacred You

Chakra walking tour through the sacred sites of Avalon

Experience  the beauty and energy of  the sacred  sites  of Glastonbury, heart chakra of the Earth, once ancient Isle of Avalon, in  a guided walk.

Walking the land we follow in the foot steps that pilgrims, seekers and holy ones have  trodden  for thousands of years. As we walk we will delve into the magic, mystery and myths of this ancient land and connect into the energies at each site. For it is the land and the convergence of these energies that has attracted so many stories and legends to unfold here over time. 

Together we will explore how these energies  and myths reflect in our sacred centres (chakras). Our chakras form  a rainbow bridge  connecting heaven  and earth  and to walk  across  the bridge embracing each step  of the journey is to  reclaim  our  connection to  the divine source. We are walking home. To do this consciously within the heart chakra of Mother Earth, where powerful spiritual  and earth energies meet is a unique and wonderful opportunity.

As the outer journey unfolds we will use sacred oils for meditation, initiation and anointing to deepen the inner journey. All life is sacred and it is when we honour the sacred in the land and the sacred within ourselves that this becomes a true healing journey, a return journey home to the holy grail within.

Chakra Sites

Wearyall  Hill

Root  Chakra

St  Margaret’s  Chapel &  

Magdalene Alms  Houses

Sacral  Chakra

The Abbey

Solar Plexus  Chakra

Chalice Well Gardens

Heart  chakra


Throat,  3rd  Eye & Crown


What to bring

A reasonable Level of fitness ~ we will be outdoors walking for several hours.

Good footwear and layers of clothing

Something to sit on 

Water and snacks (we will break for lunch in town, lunch is not included in the fee).


Full Day Walks

1-2 persons £70 per person, 3+ £50pp

Entrance fees for the Abbey and Chalice Well are NOT included

When we go

Saturdays or Sundays 10-5pm

Other days/times available on request.

Shores of Avalon

Until  we meet  may you be transported by the beautiful,  magical sound of Tina Malia